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I have been an ornithologist, naturalist and conservationist from a very early age. Spending all my time bird watching and learning about the natural world. My school teacher collected various specimens and preserving wild life in the form of taxidermy, soon became the focus of my attention, enabling me to channel my knowledge of nature into my taxidermy.

It soon became clear that taxidermy was to be my vocation and I opened my first shop selling mounted specimens in 1983 and today, over 20 years later I still enjoy the "Art of Taxidermy"

Notice to Conservationists

At Kevin Wilmot's taxidermy we fully support conservation

We carefully check each piece ensuring that they have not been illegally killed. Fines for such outrageous behaviour are rightfully severe. Many of our rare species die of natural causes in British zoo's, Avaries, Falconry Centres or private collections. Funds generated from this licensed trade are channelled back into the upkeep of the live specimens. Road fatalities account for a great number of our animals. Please do not offend us by thinking us cruel - these animals ALL met their death before plans were made to preserve them in their "disappearing" world what a waste it surely must be not to preserve, but merely discard such magnificent creatures.

Patrons please note that we respectfully request all relevant information relating to cause of death of any protected species brought to our premises to mount